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Bill Limiting Emergency Powers Heads To Governor's Desk

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Legislature has passed a bill to limit states of emergency and health orders issued by the governor. Supporters say the change would allow for more accountability between the executive and legislative branch.

The bill allows lawmakers to revoke states of emergency and health orders. Republicans, such as Representative Scott Wiggam, says this allows the legislature to represent their constituents when controversial decisions are made, such as last year's Stay-At-Home order.


"If you believe in checks and balances and transparency this bill is for you. This bill is about empowering people, it's empowering parents, empowering small businesses, empowering Ohioans. It's about ensuring that they have a voice in their futures."


Governor Mike DeWine has said he would veto the bill. He says it's important for the governor to have the authority to issue these orders, quickly, based on expert information from different state agencies.



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