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Bill Would Allow Nursing Home Residents Security Cameras In Rooms

Jo Ingles

Many Ohioans have security cameras inside their homes but Ohio law prohibits residents who live in assisted living or long-term care nursing facilities from having them. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports a bill has been proposed to change that.

Democratic Rep. Jaunita Brent (D-Cleveland) says her bill would allow residents of nursing facilities to put security cameras in their rooms as long as they post a sign on the door telling anyone who enters that they could be on camera. Brent says her bill would provide a sense of security for those residents. 


People like an extra level of protection, no matter if it protecting you from family members who visit you and like to pick up stuff or from that staffer.” 


Ohio Health Care Association President Pete Van Runkle says lawmakers have taken his group’s suggestions to strengthen privacy protections for residents and their roommates. So his group doesn’t oppose the legislation.