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Ohio Loses Congressional Seat As Redistricting Looms

U.S. Census Bureau

Ohio will lose a seat in Congress, bringing its total to 15 – it’s smallest Congressional delegation since 1833. And it’s unclear which of the 12 Republicans and four Democrats stands to lose their district when the lines are redrawn this year. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

Ohio’s population grew by 2.3%, but that wasn’t enough to keep up with faster growing states in the south and west. Ohio native Kyle Kondik is now at Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia, and he notes the timing of the decision of a Democratic Congressman to join Ohio’s open US Senate race matches up with this Census announcement.

“If you gave Tim Ryan a truth serum, he probably would admit that part of the reason he's running for Senate is because his district won, frankly, isn't all that Democratic anymore, and too, is seems likely to be dismantled as part of this redistricting process.”

The Census Bureau says Ohio was close to keeping its 16th seat – it would be the 437th seat if the US House added two more members. The process to redraw the Congressional district lines under new voter approved rules could begin this summer.

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