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New Coalition Backs Proposed School Funding Reform Plan

Dan Konik

A coalition of progressive groups is coming together to support a bipartisan school funding plan that’s been put into the budget after languishing in the state legislature. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

The so-called Fair School Funding Plan uses teacher salaries and property tax valuations that are over two years old. But Steve Dyer with the liberal leaning think tank Innovation Ohio says that’s not a real issue because salaries in it are capped at $95,000 a year. 


“The average teacher salary thing is really a canard that’s been put forward by folks who frankly want to keep the current system that’s been failing kids for 25 years.” 


Ohio’s current school funding system has been ruled unconstitutional four times since 1997. The new formula calculates state aid with a formula of 60% property taxes and 40% household income.


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