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Outreach Paying Off With Some Vaccine Hesitant Groups

Jo Ingles

With rates of those getting their first shot slowing down, health officials around Ohio continue to reach out to people of color and those living in areas that are COVID vaccine-hesitant. As Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, some of them are getting the shots.

Al Edmondson owns a barber shop on the east side of Columbus. He says he was hesitant to get the vaccine at first. But he says after he learned more about his risk of getting COVID without it, he decided to go for it. 

“After losing some family members, some friends of mine, during the pandemic, I finally got my vaccine last month and I’m glad that I did it because I want to protect my family, my customers and my community.” 

Edmondson says he’s now encouraging his customers to get the vaccines. Health officials say people are more likely to get the vaccine if someone they trust recommends it. The state is also running public service announcements urging shot for younger Ohioans – another group where vaccine numbers are lagging.

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