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FCC Approves Smart Infrastructure Technology For Central Ohio

The FCC has approved a smart infrastructure plan developed by the governments of Dublin, Marysville, Union County and the Ohio Department of Transportation.


The FCC granted licenses for short range, wireless vehicle-to-infrastructure technology to be used alongside the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, a 35-mile stretch of highway running from Dublin and Marysville to The Transportation Research Center in East Liberty.

The technology will allow vehicles with receivers to get safety messages, protecting drivers and improving logistics for Ohio businesses, according to DriveOhio communications and policy director Luke Stedke.


"In winning the 21st century economy, mobility is going to be very important," Stedke said. "Information is power, and the ability to have this real-time information communicated from the infastructure to the vehicles themselves is of great value not only to the citizens that are utilizing our infastructure but to the companies that are doing buisness here."


The 33 Smart Mobility Corridor is one of several smart infrastructure project being funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Other projects involving automated vehicles, drone traffic-monitoring and alternative fuel vehicles are also in the works.


"The future is bright for smart mobility in Ohio," said Stedke.



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