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Ohio House Hearings To Ban Vaccine Mandates Reconvene

Dan Konik

Members of the Ohio House will be returning to the Statehouse earlier than expected to continue hearings on one bill - to ban vaccine mandates. Republican leadership in the House granted approval for the House health committee to reconvene. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

The bill would prohibit entities like hospitals, nursing homes, schools, businesses, and more from mandating people to get vaccines.

Republican House Committee Chair Scott Lipps, who asked for the committee to reconvene before the end of summer break, is calling for all testimony for an August 24 hearing that will last four hours.

Republican Representative Jennifer Gross says the legislation is about giving people the right to choose what goes into their body.

But opponents of the bill say vaccine mandates help keep employees and students safe from all types of diseases. They also point to false statements made during prior hearings for the bill such as a claim that the COVID-19 vaccine makes people magnetic. 

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