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DeWine Hints He May Not Sign Anti-Vaccine Bill Returning To Hearings

Ohio Channel

Gov. Mike DeWine spoke out on a bill that would ban mandatory vaccines and so-called vaccine passports, which has been set for a four-hour long hearing next Tuesday, during the legislative break Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports he hinted he’d have a hard time signing it.

DeWine said he’s surprised that a lawmaker would propose the bill that would ban vaccines from childhood inoculations to meningitis shots. He said hospitals should decide how to keep their patients safe and schools shouldn’t be told they can’t requite certain shots. 

“That goes against local control and so I’m surprised by that and certainly, you know, it’s, bills that I’ve looked at, I’m certainly not in favor of doing that.”

The bill bans vaccine mandates by schools, day care centers, nursing homes, health care providers, insurers, colleges and universities and employers. And it would ban any entity from refusing service or treating unvaccinated people differently from those who’ve had their shots.

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