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Ohio Senator Matt Dolan Enters Race For U.S. Senate Seat

There’s yet another candidate in the crowded race for the Republican nomination for US Senate. State Sen. 

Matt Dolan, chair of the Senate Finance Committee and part owner of Cleveland’s baseball team, has joined the contest that will be decided in the GOP primary in May. 

Dolan describes himself as a smart conservative, not a moderate. Though he did propose gun control regulation in Ohio, he talks up Republican issues like cutting taxes, expanding school choice and securing the southern border, and his concerns about the American exit from Afghanistan as reasons for running.

“We need to send somebody who can stop the Biden agenda while at the same time be for something.”

Dolan says he’s not seeking former President Trump’s endorsement, but he says he’d accept it. Other Republican candidates have been actively courting Trump and sharing divisive viewpoints and sometimes disinformation. Dolan says he expects the race to be very nasty. And with at least six millionaires in the race, it will also likely be very expensive.

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