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Ohio Republican Party's Headquarters Is On List For Tax Liens

Karen Kasler
Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio Republican Party’s headquarters in Columbus was listed on the Franklin County Treasurer’s tax lien sale for being delinquent on its property taxes.

Franklin County Treasurer spokesman Bob Vitale says the property tax lien was scheduled to go up for sale because the party had been in arrears for a while. 

"If someone has a debt for more than 18 months, the property becomes eligible to go into that sale. " 

Vitale says the ORP didn't pay taxes for the second half of 2019, didn't pay any taxes in 2020 and didn't pay taxes for the first half of this calendar year. The Ohio Republican Party paid nearly $49 thousand ($48,938.0) in August but still owned more than $3500  ($3501.92) in outstanding fees and assessments. Two hours after being contacted for comment, Vitale says a payment for $3501.92 was made. And with that payment, he says the party's tax bill is now up to date.