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Ohio First To Use New Technology To Help Foster Kids Find Adoptive Homes

Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau

There are 16,000 kids in foster care in Ohio and around 3,100 who are awaiting adoption now. And Ohio will become the first state in the country to use new mapping tool technology to help place adoptable kids in forever homes.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, who himself was adopted at a young age, says this new technology will help caseworkers find people who might be willing to adopt a child.

“It includes comprehensive reporting with features such as contact information with current and past addresses and phone numbers and all known associated relatives and neighbors,” Husted says.

Husted says it provides a tool that uses public information from more than 300 sources. Court-appointed special advocates and other caregivers will also have access to information. And Husted says it will save children's services professionals time and money.

“Gone are the days of them having to map out family trees and contact information on their own. This technology does it for them, and then makes it widely available to other professionals,” Husted says.