Caitlin Farkas

Interim General Manager / Membership Director / Internship Coordinator

Ways to Connect

A few of us had the opportunity to visit with a lovely woman who may be WCBE's longest-living listener. Anne Smith has lived in Columbus since 1957, a year after 90.5 began broadcasting. Anne loves to listen to 90.5 with her son Roger and especially enjoys the music. 

Hello, WCBE Member!

Thank you for your continued support through a sustaining membership with WCBE.

With a New Year comes new change, hence a change in our sustaining membership software.

Matthew Spurlock

The Warp Drive has returned! 

The concept is simple:  the more money we raise during the Warp Drive, the shorter we can make the regular Spring on-air fundraiser.  Some public radio stations who tried this experiment were able to cancel all but one day of their on-air fundraiser.  In WCBE’s case, we can cancel a day of on air fundraising for every $28,000 raised in advanced.