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Daron Larson

Host, The Art of Attention, Podcast

Even though Daron Larson has been exercising his attention daily and attending silent retreats annually since September 2002, he says it usually seems like he’s just getting started. In spite of the slow progress, he has contributed brain scans as a long-term meditator for neuroscience research studies at Harvard Medical School and the University of Vermont.

As a mindfulness coach, Daron uses what people already know about physical fitness to help them navigate the challenges of mindfulness practice — an idea he explored in his TEDxColumbus talk and in his guest contribution to the Ten Percent Happier newsletter.

In addition to coaching individuals, he gives talks, leads workshops, and teaches classes for companies, hospitals, continuing education programs, and prisons. 

Daron continues to discover — in his own life and the lives of the people he works with — that exercising our attention skills can lead to feeling more at home in the messiness of real life.