Johnny DiLoretto

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Johnny DiLoretto is a longtime Columbus media personality who has amused audiences since 1998 when he began writing irreverent movie reviews for The Other Paper. Shortly after that he made a distinct impression on local TV audiences when he became ABC 6 and FOX 28's nighttime entertainment reporter.

In 2006 Johnny turned viewers on to the many amazing people and places of central Ohio on the morning broadcast, Good Day Columbus, in his distinctly off-the-cuff style. Over the years, Johnny has taken great pride in co-hosting and co-producing  Cinema Classics for WCBE.

John and Johnny admire the career of Michael Keaton and docudramas.

Michael Keaton has had a successful career, some of it in docudramas.

Hugh Jackman and other middle-aged actors must find their memorable places in the pantheon of greatness.

John and Johnny speculate about Hugh Jackman's middle age and other male stars'.

John and Johnny love this classic musical in the making.

Val Kilmer's documentary use his extensive private video collection for an outstanding doc. On Prime.

The new Amazon Prime documentary Val is a winning look at Val Kilmer's career so far.

A  view of two different current documentaries and docs in general.

Two different, current docs: 52 & Roadrunner.

Celebrating a new Nicolas Cage classic now in theaters.

A celebration of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory's 5oth year.

The 50th anniversary of the great children's film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Yes! The boys applaud the new wave of heroine duos, headed by the stars of Black Widow.

Film discussion: Scarlett and Florence

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

John and Johnny discover a great classic now on Netflix.

One of the best comedy thrillers ever is now streaming, for instance on Netflix and Prime.

Preview of summer movies from about July 15,

Film discussion: Summer movies from July 15, '21

Two Quiet Place films are not quiet about their success.

John and Johnny think about the cultural messages in two comedies out now.

The Annual Summer Films I

Shiva and Together Together tell us something about modern culture.

Preview of Summer '21 Movies, June and July.

Applying "gothic" to some American films is a challenging idea.

John and Johnny define American "gothic" in movies.

Guy Ritchie is a multicolored filmmaker.

John and Johnny are impressed by Mads Mikkelsen  after his role in the Oscar-winning Another Round.

John and Johnny enjoy the emergence of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

John and Johnny review the representation of Black Cowboys in cinema.