Johnny DiLoretto

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Johnny DiLoretto is a longtime Columbus media personality who has amused audiences since 1998 when he began writing irreverent movie reviews for The Other Paper. Shortly after that he made a distinct impression on local TV audiences when he became ABC 6 and FOX 28's nighttime entertainment reporter.

In 2006 Johnny turned viewers on to the many amazing people and places of central Ohio on the morning broadcast, Good Day Columbus, in his distinctly off-the-cuff style. Over the years, Johnny has taken great pride in co-hosting and co-producing  Cinema Classics for WCBE.

Johnny and John  take  8 uncut minutes ( Johnny 6, John 2) to praise this classic.

A Cinema Classic: The African Queen 

Quentin Tarantino's success as writer-director of Django Unchained demands John, Johnny, and Chris discuss his oeuvre.

As much as you'll be able to withstand, 8 uncut minutes of John, Johnny, and Chris about Quentin Tarantino.

In a re-run, John and Johnny argue about personal favorites Elf and Disney's A Christmas Carol .

A Cinema Classic: A Christmas Carol  and Elf.

John, Johnny, and Chris discuss some lesser-known Christmas titles.

John, Johnny, and Chris have no problem filling the 8 min. uncut discussion about obscure Christmas films.

John and Johnny almost over the top praising Daniel Day-Lewis.

The Johns make their uncut 10 min. case for Daniel Day-Lewis as arguably the world's best actor.

Johnny favors Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher but doesn't look forward to several other films.

A Cinema Classic: 9 min Uncut James Bond with Professor Johnny's Bond "life lessons."

John and Johnny argue the relative merits of Connery and Craig.

John and Johnny discuss films for the November 2012 holiday season.

John and Johnny go on about films for the November 2012 holiday season.

A Cinema Classic: Uncut  8 min  November Holiday Films

John interviews Susan Halpern about the Columbus International Film and Video Festival

John, Johnny, and Wayne get psyched about Hitch.

The Johns and Wayneo go crazy for 10 uncut minutes about Psycho.

The Johns with guest Hitchcock expert Wayne Miller discuss The Birds and especially Tippi Hedren.

John, Johnny, and Hitchcock expert Wayne Miller catch The Birds.

The Johns' heads are spinning over Hitch's memorable Vertigo.

Listen to Johnny and John make 10 min. of raw sense out of a brilliant but sometimes confusing classic.

John and Johnny launch Hitchcocktober at the Gateway Film Center with NNW.

Listen to the 12 min. 37 sec uncut, raw discussion about Hitchcock's NNW.

John and Johnny review the work of Dustin Hoffman.

Listen to the 8 min.32 sec. version on Dustin Hoffman.

John and Johnny explore the topic of women as buddies in film.

John and Johnny try to describe Bruce Willis's enduring popularity.

Listen to the raw 8 min with John and Johnny on Bruce Willis.

John and Johnny uncut on Touch of Evil trying to fit Welles into the frame.

John and Johnny disagree on 2012's summer movies.

John and Johnny look at the career of  Tommy Lee Jones.