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The Statehouse News Bureau also produces special programming throughout the year, including the Governor's annual State of the State address to the Ohio General Assembly and a five-part year-end review. 

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Ohio communities with blighted neighborhoods have until Monday to apply for demolition grants. The state attorney general has 75-million dollars set aside to tear down abandoned, foreclosed homes. For Ohio Public Radio, WCPN's Brian Bull reports:

In May, an independent poll on the presidential race in Ohio showed it was too close to call. But now, those same pollsters have found a surge of support for President Barack Obama.

Ohio's aging population

Jun 27, 2012

New projections out of Miami University say Ohio will have 16 counties in 2050 where a third of the population will be at least age 60.

Ohio government departments and programs are being told to work up two proposed spending blueprints --- one that assumes stable funding and the other a ten percent cut.

Ohio now has a new law, aimed at helping ex-felons find jobs. Governor John Kasich signed the measure, which had support from Democrats and Republicans in the legislature. 

State officials say they've broken up a telemarketing ring that stole millions of dollars from people in 41 states over the last five years. 

The Ohio Division of Forestry says a lack of rain over the past few months is putting Ohio Forests at risk for wildfires. Spokesperson Greg Smith tells Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen Ohioans should be especially careful. 

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on Arizona's immigration law, an Ohio legislator is vowing to proceed with getting one for the Buckeye State. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports. 

Now that Governor John Kasich has signed the idea into law, Ohio schools will be instructed to *not* let 3rd graders move onto 4th grade, unless they've demonstrated that they can read.

During the school year, thousands of Ohio children from low-income families receive discounted or free lunches in the cafeteria. In the summertime, some of those kids are able to get free lunches at parks and playgrounds. And as Ohio Public Radio's Bill Cohen reports, some children are even getting food to take home.

Ohio cities are not national leaders in one category, and that’s good because we’re talking about auto theft rates.  An insurance industry group has used preliminary FBI statistics to rate more than 300 cities across the country on their car theft problem. 

Bloomberg News reports Mitt Romney's campaign has asked Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott to downplay that state's economic recovery because it clashs with the GOP presidential candidate's message that the nation is suffering under President Obama.  Ohio governor John Kasich says the campaign has not asked him to do follow suit.     Ohio's jobless rate is seven point three percent, which is below the national average. 

A New Albany man pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing money from charter schools in Columbus, Youngstown and Dayton. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports. 

Ohio environmental groups continue to complain about a new law they say will not do enough to prevent pollution caused by fracking. But they have no plans to do what unions and other activists on the political left have done -- take their campaign to the voters. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hosting a retreat for major donors this weekend in Utah and one of Ohio's senators is on the guest list. For Ohio Public Radio, WKSU's M.L. Schultze explains it could be an audition for the vice presidential nomination.

Negative campaigning in the presidential race is heating up in Ohio. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

The science behind what makes a bully

Jun 20, 2012

Bullying is a hot topic these days.  For Ohio Public Radio, WCPN's David C. Barnett reports on new research shedding light on what's behind a bully's anti-social behavior.

Ohio's Attorney General is offering to have his staff mediate disputes between local governments and citizens who are demanding they turn over public records. A.G. Mike DeWine talks about his offer in this interview with statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen.

It was 200 years ago that the War of 1812 broke out and since Ohio was in the thick of the conflict, the state today launched a year long commemoration of the event. Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen was on-hand for the ceremony in the capital building.

The state’s transportation agency is facing a long road of trouble – a growing need to build and repair infrastructure with a declining revenue source in the gas tax.

Ohio once again is a crucial swing state in this year’s presidential race. 

Ohio’s unemployment rate is down again. The rate was 7.3 percent in May from 7.4 percent in April. No one is disputing this is good news for Ohio.  But as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo ingles reports, there is a debate over who should get credit for it.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says he's proud of what's been accomplished in the GOP-controlled legislature in the last few months. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports. 

The Ohio office of Budget and Management has released a report that says local governments and school districts could save millions of dollars by sharing services. 

Ohio legislators have approved another plan to crack down on scrap metal thieves.  Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen has details.

Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports Ohio legislators are poised to give final approval on a compromise plan that would hold back third graders who haven't learned to read.

The Department of Aging is using when's commonly thought of as a 'young person's media' to chat about a problem facing seniors. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles talks to department head John Ratliffe about the upcoming Facebook chat.