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  • The city leadership resisted the Department of Justice’s attempt to impose a consent decree twenty years ago. Some local activists want them to try again. We talk with Dr. Allan Jiao of Rowan University, Attorney Sean Walton, and Rev. Dr. Susan Smith for insight into how this intervention might solve Columbus’ policing problems.
  • If you don’t know your own purpose, can you really get behind your organization’s purpose? Nell Derick Debevoise found that a critical component of success is knowing how your personal purpose intersects with your organization’s purpose. That holds true for the individual members of your team, too: if you understand what their personal or professional purpose has in common with the company’s purpose, you’ll foster a happier and more productive team.
  • Join CMC for our annual first forum of the New Year featuring Bill LaFayette, Ph.D., Owner, Regionomics, Doug Buchanan, Editor in Chief, Columbus Business First, and Fadhel Kaboub, Ph.D., Associate professor of Economics, Denison University, and President, Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, with host Mark Williams, Business Reporter, The Columbus Dispatch.
  • At the time of its largest population, Centralia, PA was an Eastern Pennsylvania borough with 2,700 residents. Now there are 5. This is due to an underground fire that's been burning under the town for almost 60 years, and continues to burn to this day. In this episode, we tell the sad story of Centralia and chat with entertainer Scot Nery for the quick quiz!