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Depicting the Invisible: Portrait of Sgt. Damon Zeigler with Dr. Craig Bryan

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Dr. Craig Bryan is an Iraqi war veteran, who witnessed the tragedy of suicide by firearm face to face in the theater of war. As a clinical psychologist he has devoted his career to suicide prevention and the treatment of PTSD.

Artist Susan J. Barron and Dr. Bryan have a wide ranging dialogue around subjects such as Depicting the Invisible, veteran suicide prevention, hopeful new approaches to PTSD treatments, and Dr. Bryan's life-changing experiences in Iraq that cemented his commitment to saving lives. Barron's portrait of Sgt. Damon Zeigler, who sadly took his own life, is the catalyst for the conversation. This work is currently on exhibition at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus.

To contact Dr. Bryan at Strive, call 614-366-5537 or email

The Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative for Veterans (STRIVE)

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