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Lead on Purpose

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If you don’t know your own purpose, can you really get behind your organization’s purpose?

Nell Derick Debevoise found that a critical component of success is knowing how your personal purpose intersects with your organization’s purpose. That holds true for the individual members of your team, too: if you understand what their personal or professional purpose has in common with the company’s purpose, you’ll foster a happier and more productive team.

With purpose in mind, you can then look at decisions through the Me/We/World dimensions: how does this affect me and the individual members of my team; how does this affect my organization; and how will it affect the world?

Nell draws from her years of experience in both the non-profit and private sectors to reveal the commonalities of good, purpose-driven leadership in both, highlighting the techniques within her new book, Going First: Find the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action.

Nell Derick Debevoise is a thought partner to purpose-driven leaders, as well as a speaker, author, and founder and CEO of Inspiring Capital. Debevoise's guidance helps CEOs and CHROs expand their impact, grow their businesses, and build powerful legacies. She has lived and worked on four continents, and collaborated across sectors with Japanese executives, Palestinian community leaders, French high school students, and Mozambique education ministry officials.

Debevoise also studied leadership, innovation, and intercultural dialog at Harvard, Cambridge, Universita di Roma, and the Columbia and London Business Schools. In 2011, she moved to New York and founded Inspiring Capital, a certified B Corp that offers purposeful leadership development content and programming to accelerate the movement of business as a force for good. Debevoise is a Senior Contributor for Forbes, and her first book, Going First: Find the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action will be available in May 2022; it can be pre-ordered at https://www.nelldd.com/paperback .