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Optimize Your Mindset: A Case Study

David DeRam is a 30-year veteran of the software and start-up world. But it wasn’t until he co-founded Greenlight Gurus that he fully realized the power of mindset training in boosting performance, morale, innovation, and outlook for every member of his team. Giving his team every edge possible is quite literally a matter of life and death: Greenlight Gurus develops quality management software for medical device makers.

David joins host Maureen Metcalf to provide insights on his unconventional approaches and implementation of mindset training.

Unconventional should hardly be unexpected from a CEO who believes his core duty is to ensure every employee goes to bed Sunday night excited and eager to get to work Monday morning!

David DeRam is the co-founder and CEO at Greenlight Guru, a quality management software developer for medical device companies. He's been founding successful companies for almost 30 years across multiple sectors, including startups in finance, medical, and nonprofit. For more information, visit