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Employees: Empowered!


simPRO’s approach to the Great Resignation is simple: empower employees. And learning how to direct that empowerment is simple, too: listen to staff. Employees will tell you what they need, and want! This employee empowerment prepares simPRo for the future of work.

In this episode, simPRO’s Chief People Operations Officer, Rod Lacey, shares insights into how the employer/employee relationship has evolved; what that means for company culture and leadership strategy; how decisions are shaped by employee listening strategies; and how this all manifests as in the employee value proposition. You’ll learn that, for simPRO, simple solutions mean success!

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As simPRO’s Chief People Operations Officer, Rod Lacey leads all aspects of simPRO’s global human resources, aligning the people strategy with the company’s aggressive business and customer goals. Rod has nearly three decades of HR experience, having led and transformed the human resource experience with highly successful companies in the technology and online ordering industries.