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The Future Is Ours to Create

All of us took history classes, but who’s taken future classes?

Studying the future is a discipline that stretches back decades. Strategic foresight is the established and proven process of looking at future probabilities, yet many business and NPO leaders either don’t know about it, or don’t understand it. It’s used by Fortune 200 companies, the U.S. military, the World Bank, and others. As futurist Rebecca Ryan explains to host Maureen Metcalf, strategic foresight helps those organizations decrease risk and maximize opportunity. That, in turn, provides them with a competitive advantage. So much so that Disney requires learning it before candidates can enter the C-Suite. Listen to this episode – and get a glimpse of your future.

Rebecca Ryan is a noted top 50 professional futurist, economist, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of NEXT Generation Consulting through which she partners with private and public sector leaders across the country. Looking a generation ahead, she outlines strategies in urban planning, economic development, and workforce development to ensure communities are well equipped for future trends and challenges. Rebecca is a graduate of Drake University with a certificate in Strategic Foresight from University of Houston; she is on the Executive Committee of the global Association of Professional Futurists. For more info:

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