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Opportunity in Uncertainty

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Dr. Ciela Hartanov

When you face uncertainty, how do you react?

We’re biologically wired to meet uncertainty with concern, even panic or anxiety: it triggers our fight-or-flight response. But behind that veil of the unknown lies tremendous opportunity, and we can rewire our brains to look forward to it…to welcome uncertainty as fun and exciting. As Dr. Ciela Hartanov explains to host Maureen Metcalf, the key is to hack our own mindset to create a new mental framework. In the process, we may just find ourselves in more humane workplaces.

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RESOURCE: Information on Dr. Hartanov’s reference to Patagonia is here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/timabansal/2022/09/20/chouinards-donation-of-patagonia-is-big-and-bold-but-not-new/?sh=55ae26163ecf . Maureen’s general insights on leadership are also available at Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/people/maureenmetcalf/?sh=de4f1fa1e7d8 .


Dr. Ciela Hartanov is a futurist, organizational psychologist, human behavior expert, writer, and thinker dedicated to reinventing work. She helps leaders create a revolution inside the modern workplace, one aimed at breaking a system that promotes work practices that have existed since the industrial era. She was part of the founding team of The Google School for Leaders and Head of Next Practice Innovation and Strategy at Google, where she developed projects designed to shape the future of leadership and work. She currently runs humcollective, a boutique strategy and innovation firm that helps companies, executives, and teams make sense of the forces shaping the future and prepare strategically.