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How Leaders Use Story

Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan

Does your world feel chaotic, unpredictable – lunging beyond your understanding or control? You’re not alone: in fact, the US military felt the same, and created the concept of VUCA to maintain a defensive edge. The good news: you can readily apply VUCA to your organization to maintain YOUR defensive edge!

In this episode, Emmy award-winning filmmaker Chris Nolan reveals the power of storytelling to help leaders navigate the rapidly accelerating VUCA Max world. It’s an inspiring how-to in creating a compelling vision to shape and rebrand your future…and drive success in your organization.

Here’s what Chris and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

  1. How to use future-back thinking to prepare for and accommodate rapid change;
  2. How storytelling can change the future; and
  3. The importance of vision in guiding and motivating your team.

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About Our Guest:

Chris Nolan is a multiple Emmy Award-winning director, creative director, marketing strategist, branding story expert, writer, songwriter, playwright and author.

His most recent projects include the award-winning “Unforgettable Happens Here” campaign for Disney earning 20M views on YouTube. Two ten minute spy movies “From The Adapt or Die Files” for Google‘s API division. And the “Your Life. Now Playing.” series for RealNetworks. Chris has developed and directed brand storytelling campaigns and commercials for Fortune 100 companies and won countless advertising awards: Cannes, Clios, Addy's and Telly's.

He has also directed several hours of episodic TV as well as directed and written feature films. His latest film projects are the documentary "It's VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st Century" and a feature about Jimi Hendrix entitled ‘Floating Bridge’. His most recent book is "It's VUCA: The Master Guide to Living in the 21st Century."