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Humans in the Loop: AI's New Business Models

AI is disruptive. It’s already disrupting society, and is disrupting business faster than the internet did. It’ll disrupt you, too. But is that bad…or good?

The answer is up to you. Guest Suchi Srinivasan of Boston Consulting Group shares her comprehensive view of the effects of AI on business now – and in the near future. The bottom line? Artificial intelligence is a tool like any other: embrace it and adopt it wisely, and it can be a significant boon to your operations and for your staff. And it has the potential to finally solve food insecurity and other global issues that have plagued humanity for centuries.

Suchita (Sushi) Srinivasan has worked at Boston Consulting Group since October of 2010. She is a core member of BCG’s Health Care practice and has significant experience in biopharma—specifically focused on market access, pricing, commercial strategy, and innovative growth. She is the lead for global value, access, and pricing in biopharmaceuticals.

Suchita helps clients with new product planning by supporting investment decisions and ensuring careful consideration of the relevant market and development drivers.

She supports due diligence efforts by quickly understanding new markets, unmet needs, and how to win. In her recent case work at BCG, Suchita also developed end-to-end disease area strategies to identify key areas for investment, led the strategy development for an imminent competitive threat, supported the US salesforce effectiveness effort to identify HCP value drivers, developed the brand positioning strategy for a launch drug entering a competitive class, and developed creative pricing, reimbursement, and access strategies for a drug entering a highly competitive class of drugs by building the narrative around value derived.

Before joining the firm, Suchita worked at Genentech, Abbott Vascular, and Eli Lilly in commercial and manufacturing roles.