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Tales from the Top: How Leaders Use Stories

Dr. Tanvi Gautam
Silke Dietz
Dr. Tanvi Gautam

How do you lead: with your head or heart? Left-brain or right? For the best leaders, the answer is “All of the above.”

From the art of conversation to discovering (and sharing) your organization’s story, guest Dr. Tanvi Gautam talks with host Maureen Metcalf about her head-and-heart-based approach to leadership development – and why adding creative “right brain” thinking to business’ usual analytical “left brain” logic leads to better teams.

Dr. Tanvi is a multi-award-winning keynote speaker, executive coach, author, senior faculty, and program director at Singapore Management University (Executive Development). She uses a combination of head and heart-based tools for upgrading leaders and culture transformation. A certified Storytelling coach, certified Conversational Intelligence coach, and certified Culture Talk Tools coach, she takes a 360 intervention approach with clients such as Accenture, Mastercard, Dyson, Coca-Cola, Gap Inc, Microsoft, Merck, Electrolux, and many others.

Dr. Tanvi is known for combining the best of corporate execution focus with the depth of academic frameworks to create the shifts needed to lead in the world of disruption. She is the first Asia-based leader to be listed on the Game Changer list by Workforce Magazine (USA). Her ideas have been published and quoted in, Harvard Business Review, Business Times, Economic Times, BBC World, and other global publications. She is the author of two books and listed as the top 200 global influencers on leadership by People Hum in 2022 and 2023. Dr. Tanvi is also the only Asia-based HR influencer to be on the SAP global influencer HXM list. As President of the Asia Speakers' Association Singapore (2021) she was also the first woman of colour in that role. She considers learning to accept herself as an imperfect mom as a noteworthy achievement.