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Break the Cycle: The Role of Trauma-Informed Leaders

Your staff are probably dealing with trauma: in the U.S. alone, 70% of adults faced at least one traumatic experience. Those experiences manifest in different ways in the workplace, from perfectionism to absenteeism. Our trauma reactions are as unique as our fingerprints.

Being a trauma-informed leader can help your team – and, ultimately, your organization. Guest Stephanie Lemek draws on her deep experience in HR to share how to shape a trauma-informed workplace.

Stephanie Lemek, with 16+ years of HR experience across diverse industries, founded The Wounded Workforce in 2023. Her mission is to cultivate trauma-informed workplace cultures. Observing a gap in support despite HR efforts, she embarked on creating solutions. Recognizing that over 70% of adults carry traumatic experiences into the workplace, she aims to equip leaders and HR professionals with tools to address these challenges. Stephanie's initiative stems from a passion for inclusivity and research, driven by a desire to ensure everyone has the necessary support to thrive in their professional environments.