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Steer Your Career to the Next Tier

Isn’t it time you did a little something for yourself? We usually talk about leadership in terms of how it helps your team or organization. In this episode, guest Tammy Alvarez shines the spotlight on you instead.

Specifically, she talks about taking control of your leadership career path. As leaders, we set the tone for our teams. If you don’t love your job, your team senses it. So Tammy shares her many tips for how to get your career back on the track you want…and start loving Mondays again!

Tammy Alvarez is the CEO of the Career Winners Circle and is also an author, professional keynote speaker, inspirational coach, trainer, and epic storyteller. As an award-winning entrepreneur and former corporate executive, Tammy believes leaders who inspire courage are at the heart of every successful business. Her spirited “Break All the Rules” approach blends decades of C-Suite experience with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style that helps business professionals create a big impact and love every Monday again.

Her recent book Escaping The Career Trap, Transform Your Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again is a self-leadership blueprint for high achievers who want to experience true career fulfillment. Tammy has an unwavering commitment to advancing ambitious business leaders so they can grow their careers as far as their drive will take them. She is the creator of the Career Success Blueprint – the ultimate executive career strategy framework, Own Your Power! – a pragmatic approach to advancing women leaders, and the CEO Advantage – helping small business owners scale without killing themselves in the process.

During her twenty-year corporate career, Tammy became renowned as a business transformation and turnaround expert on Wall Street. Her roles included Managing Director at AIG, First Senior Vice President at Bank Leumi USA, Chief Operating Officer at Genesis10, and Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Tammy delivers epic keynote speeches for companies worldwide and has been a colloquium lecturer on various leadership topics at Cornell University. She holds a degree in International Business Administration from American Intercontinental University.