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How Missing Ethics Makes a Mess of Organizations

The business landscape is littered with fallen firms of questionable ethics. Enron is just one example. But the stumbles of today’s organisations – from Boeing to Columbia University – may be rooted in a lack of a clear ethical framework from the top.

That’s the thesis of guest Greg Moran, who lays out the evidence with host Maureen Metcalf in this episode. It’s not mere philosophical debate; as Enron showed, a lack of a formal ethical code is a very real existential threat.

Greg Moran is a C-level digital, strategy and change leadership executive with extensive global operations experience. He led corporate strategy for Ford and designed the plan that Alan Mullaly used to turn around the company. Greg held C-level IT positions in app dev, infrastructure, and core banking applications at Ford, Nationwide Insurance, and Bank One/JPMC, respectively. He began his career in consulting with Arthur Andersen Accenture, working across industries with 100 companies over the course of a decade. He is passionate about leadership and culture, and teaches part time on the topic at Ohio University.