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Daron Larson on Why Mindfulness Matters

Dan talks with mindfulness coach Daron Larson about why mindfulness is worth fighting for despite attempts by workplaces and profiteers to reduce it to a gimmick. Topics include the mindfulness-industrial complex, whether mindfulness is inherently individualistic, and how small adjustments in individual approaches to difficult situations can improve one's quality of life.

On Episode 106 of Prognosis Ohio, Dan sits down with Daron Larson, an Ohio-based mindfulness coach, about the growing fields of mindfulness and meditation. Like Prognosis Ohio, Daron’s podcast, The Art of Attention, is part of the WCBE Podcast Experience. As a longtime (20 years!) practitioner of mindfulness himself, Daron helps others learn to respond to uncertainty more effectively. This has been a critical skill for many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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