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Rep. Dontavius Jarrells on Bringing Dignity to Ohio Communities

Rep. Dontavius Jarrells and Dan Skinner
Rep. Dontavius Jarrells
Rep. Dontavius Jarrells and Dan Skinner, Host of Prognosis Ohio

On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks with State Representative and House Assistant Minority Leader Dontavius Jarrells about how his background shapes his work as a legislator, bills he has introduced and supported, and his health priorities in the Ohio Statehouse during the ongoing budget process.

After surviving lead poisoning as a child, Rep. Jarrells introduced H.B. 587, laying the groundwork for securing a historic $150 million in ARPA funding for lead poison prevention. This money will fund the remediation and mitigation of lead out of homes, but it does not address lead in pipes.

Rep. Jarrells also authored H.B. 453, which established the “Recovery is Beautiful” specialty license plate and demonstrated recovery-oriented systems of care that puts recovery at the forefront of policy.

H.B. 281, which was signed into law, removed derogatory language from Ohio Revised Code. This bill was the most comprehensive change in terms of terminology since the Ohio Revised Code was rewritten and issued into law in 1974.

Read more about Rep. Jarrells on his website and the Ohio House website.


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Dr. Dan Skinner is Associate Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the Dublin, Ohio campus. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the City University of New York. Skinner teaches and researches about, as well as advocates for increased access to health care, especially for underserved populations, as well as various aspects of social determinants that affect the health of communities, in Ohio and beyond.