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My Favorite Husband-George's Christmas Presents


Welcome to the opening show of Season Seven of Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour--sponsored by our friends at Dutch Creek Winery. Our COVID-inspired project now encompasses almost 150 fantastic performers and technicians, ages 10-83, from 21 states, Canada and the UK, and seeks to transport our wonderful audiences back to the golden days of radio. Our gifted storytellers will ignite your imaginations by bringing you a collection of three shows filled with laughs, suspense, fear and maybe a little holiday spirit.

The upcoming show, taken from the series made popular by the wonderful Lucille Ball and originally airing in 1949--features an all-Ohio cast with Dani Mann, Rachel Scherrer, Chris Johnson, Cat Cryan, Stephen Hanna and our intrepid announcer, Richard Dana. Our heroine tangles herself up like the yarn she's trying to wrangle for her hubby's Christmas present, as well as stumbling through sleuthing to uncover what he's getting her. And the mother-in-law is coming to town...

Now, grab some eggnog, mulled wine or a hot toddy, put down your knitting and Shhh!

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