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The Future Of Policing In Columbus

City leaders in Columbus are trying out new solutions for the city's policing problems. But will they work to make our community safer? We're going inside the world of policing to look for data, research, and solutions. We'll talk to experts who are looking for answers and researchers who are studying the problems. We will sort through the calls for defunding, abolition, and reforms to see what is possible and what is already happening.  Your host, Edie Driskill, will cover a new topic with interesting guests in each episode.

Latest Episodes
  • Columbus City Council Member Emmanuel Remy and Office of Violence Prevention Director Rena Shak join The Future of Policing in Columbus to discuss how and why the new office was created.
  • Columbus Public Health's Marian Stuckey and Disability Rights Ohio's Kevin Truitt join host Edie Driskill on the latest edition of The Future of Policing in Columbus.
  • Jacqueline Hendricks explains how she's preparing for her work as the first Inspector General of Columbus and what the community can expect from this new process.
  • In this episode, University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Dr. Aaron Chalfin explains the difficulty of reducing risk profiles of police officers to simple statistics. He helps us unpack the fallacy that many have proposed – getting rid of the few bad apples will greatly reduce the overall risk profile of policing.
  • The city leadership resisted the Department of Justice’s attempt to impose a consent decree twenty years ago. Some local activists want them to try again. We talk with Dr. Allan Jiao of Rowan University, Attorney Sean Walton, and Rev. Dr. Susan Smith for insight into how this intervention might solve Columbus’ policing problems.
  • The Columbus Division of Police received over 22,000 calls for service to help with mental health crises in 2020. In this episode we explore different…
  • In Part 2 of De-escalation Training, Edie Driskill interviews Dr. Robin Engel, the Director of the International Association of Chiefs of…
  • De-escalation tactics are offered up as a solution to reduce excessive use of force by police officers, with state leaders like Republican Governor Mike…
  • Columbus will be welcoming a new police chief in the next few weeks. Edie Driskill discusses the challenges ahead for this chief with an activist, a cop,…