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The Internet Says it's True

Hosted by Michael Kent, The Internet Says it’s True is a podcast about learning something new every week. From trivial tidbits of info to more serious topics that should have been taught in school, every week begins with a caller telling Kent a surprising fact they recently learned before he does a deep dive on the subject. Then every episode ends with a “game show” style quick quiz of a guest about the topic. 

Latest Episodes
  • The "chokeslam" is the move that wrestlers do where they slam their opponent to the ground after lifting them up by the neck. The rumor is that it was invented by our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Could this possibly be true?
  • Was Sammy Davis Jr. a member of the Church of Satan? It's widely known that he converted to Judaism after the auto accident that took his eye, but this week, a listener sent us an article about Sammy Davis Jr. the Satanist. In this episode, we talk about the life of this multi-faceted entertainer and the claim in question. Then we chat with Comedian and Producer of CBus Comedy, Lisa Berry!
  • Action Park in Vernon, NJ became known as "Accident Park," "Traction Park," "Friction Park" and "Class-Action Park" because of the many injuries, accidents and even deaths that occurred there. One of the most infamous was the legendary "Cannonball Loop" - a water slide with a loop that was so dangerous, it was shut down almost immediately after it opened.
  • There has been one successful coup d’état in American History – a successful violent overthrowing of a city government in 1898. Sadly, it’s a story of violence, politics and white supremacy. In this episode, we explore an unpleasant chapter of America’s history that not many people know and then lighten the mood with a quiz at the end.
  • Bootlegging was an inevitable result of 1920s Prohibition in the U.S. And when the government tried to solve the problem, they ended up with a solution that killed at least 10,000 Americans through poisoned, denatured industrial ethyl-alcohol. In this episode, we tell the story and then talk with Comedian Leslie Battle!
  • Did people in Victorian England eat mummies!? Was the flesh from mummies used for paint? In this episode, we talk about medical cannibalism, bad science and mummification. Then we chat with host of the The Opinion Science podcast, Dr. Andy Luttrell!
  • Can you imagine having an extra month between June and July?! In the "International Fixed Calendar," that's exactly what was proposed in the 1920s.
  • Tsutomu Yamaguchi was one of the only people to survive both the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. He was the only one officially recognized as a double survivor by the Japanese government. In this episode, we tell his remarkable tale of survival. Then we chat with comedian Dan Wilbur.
  • In this special "The Internet Says it's NOT True" episode, we talk about a dubious claim about The Beatles: That when they made their renowned appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, crime was virtually non-existent in NYC for one hour.
  • The Marathon at the 1904 Summer Olympics was SUPER WEIRD. One man was chased off course by wild dogs. One man was intentionally poisoned. Another ate bad fruit and fell asleep. Several were severely dehydrated. The apparent winner was disqualified. And all of this happened because Russia started a war. In this episode, we talk about the 1904 Saint Louis Summer Olympics and then play the quick quiz with Jimmy Mak!