24 on 24: A 24-Hour Telethon

May 19, 2018

Hi WCBE Listener!

As you probably heard, our Spring fundraiser back in March fell quite short.  To raise the needed funds, WCBE will host a 24-hour fundraiser starting this Thursday, May 24.  Called 24 on 24, it’s so important that station manager Dan Mushalko will host on-air the entire 24 hours, supplemented online by Johnny DiLoretto streaming live from the Grandview Theatre and Drafthouse. 

We’re asking for your help in two ways:

Spread the word!  Tell your friends who listen to WCBE about this 24-hour on-air marathon.  It’s a different kind of fundraiser; we’re driving to raise at least $100,000 in just 24 short hours.  Encourage them to call us at 614-365-5711 any time from noon to noon to keep this valuable resource on the air.

Renew your own gift to keep music and news alive on 90.5!  In honor of the 24 hour marathon, consider giving 24% more for this special event (for example, a usual $90.50 donation becomes $112.22).  Send a check now, donate online here, or give a call at 614-365-5711 Thursday or Friday. 

Your 24 on 24 gift is vital.  WCBE truly is “listener-supported, member-approved.”  We can only exist through listener support.  Your past gifts made possible today’s unique music, relevant news, local voices, and cultural shows.  You also sparked the innovation and experimentation which are 90.5FM’s hallmarks, such as our recent live, on-stage production of Midnight Audio Theater.   

Your contribution is imperative for the continuation of all WCBE offers.  Dan and Johnny wouldn’t be staying awake and broadcasting through 24 straight hours for anything less!

Thank you again for everything you give to the station.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely,  Caitlin Farkas 

PS:  You can catch the radio takeover and the live stream from noon May 24th to noon May 25th on 90.5 FM,, or our social media channels.  If you happen to be a night owl or work third shift, Dan and Johnny ask that you give extra consideration to calling in your donation between Midnight – 7am; ringing phones then will be a big help in keeping them awake and on the air!