ACLU Says CDP Used Excessive Force On Immigration Protestors

Jul 13, 2017

A photo of the January 30th protest at the Statehouse
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against Columbus Police and the city, alleging officers used excessive force on demonstrators protesting President Trump’s travel ban on January 30th outside of the Statehouse.

Spokesperson Elizabeth Bonham says police first allowed the protesters to gather for several hours and then began issuing dispersal orders, eventually pepper spraying the crowd.

The lawsuit lists three protesters as plantiffs: 29-year-old Ellen Abdur-Rabin, 18-year-old Harrison Kallner, and 18-year-old Connor Lefevers. The suit claims they were targeted by three unnamed officers and pepper sprayed at close range. Police Chief Kim Jacobs and Lieutenant Jeffrey Lipp are also named as defendants. Police and the City Attorney’s Office say they do not comment on pending litigation.