Advocates For Cancer Patients Hoping They Can Find Available Vaccines Now

Mar 16, 2021

Credit Dan Konik

Advocates for cancer patients have been pushing for them to be added to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility list.

The state now says they will be eligible starting Friday, but they have a new concern. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

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Bryan Hannon with the American Cancer Society says he is happy cancer patients in Ohio will be eligible. But he’s worried whether they can find appointments since people over 40 and others with chronic ailments have also been added. 


“I think there is some concern that cancer patients and patients with other chronic diseases, like COPD and heart disease, may have to compete with relatively healthy 40-year-olds of average risk.” 


Hannon says he wishes Ohio had followed the CDC guidelines so cancer patients could have been able to get the vaccines sooner. Cancer patients and others with illnesses are listed in the 1E group, higher than 40-year-olds who are in the 2C group so that might give them an advantage at some clinics.