Akron Officials Give More Details In Forced Resignation Of Police Chief

Sep 6, 2017

James Nice

Akron officials are revealing more details in last month's forced resignation of police Chief James Nice. 

Mayor Dan Horrigan previously said he forced Nice to resign in part because of his use of a racial slur in a private conversation. Police Major Ken Ball has now confirmed that.

Horrigan also accused Nice of misconduct involving an investigation of his nephew, having a sexual relationship with a member of the police force and making derogatory remarks against African-Americans. Authorities have released audio of one of those remarks, made during a 2015 memorial address, in which Nice used a slur against then-President Obama while criticizing his pardoning of non-violent drug offenders to reduce jail overcrowding.

And Akron police union vice president Mike Leslie says Nice made disparaging comments about union president Paul Hlysnky, who died of cancer in 2015.

Nice has yet to comment on the allegations or his resignation.