American Rescue Plan Sends Hefty Check To Ohio

Mar 11, 2021

Along with individual stimulus checks and more help for the unemployed, there’s a lot of money headed to Ohio and its cities and counties once the latest 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill is signed into law.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.


There’s a total of $11.2 billion for Ohio in the bill called the American Rescue Plan – half of it going to the state, with $2.2 billion each going to major cities and to all 88 counties.

Of that total, Franklin County gets $255 million, Cuyahoga County will get a little less – around $239 million. Hamilton County will get $158 million, Summit County just under $105 million, and Montgomery County rounds out the top five with $103 million.

Among major cities, Cleveland gets the most, almost a half a billion dollars – which averages out to $1,400 per resident. Cincinnati could get around $967 per person. And because Columbus is by far the largest city by population, its take comes out to $211 per resident.

The money can be used for COVID-related expenses like vaccines and public health, small business relief, support for low-income people and schools.