Analysis: Columbus Drivers Fourth-Worst Of Any U.S. City

Jul 13, 2018

Columbus is ranked the fourth-worst city in the nation for bad drivers, according to a new analysis by the online insurance comparison company QuoteWizard. 

That's up from sixth-worst in the company's rankings from last year. The firm bases the rankings on the number of accidents, speeding tickets, OVI and driving citations. Though Columbus cut down on accidents and speeding, OVI and violation rates increased. The website also writes quote "Considering the fact that Columbus was recently named one of America's best cities for beer drinkers, their propensity for buzzed driving should come as no surprise" end quote. Other Ohio cities in the rankings include Cleveland at 17th worst, Cincinnati at 32nd worst, and Dayton at 25th best. Topping the list of worst drivers is Omaha, Nebraska.  The full analysis may be viewed via this link: