Aspirations - Fuel for Results

Nov 13, 2020

During this edition of Innovating Leadership Co-Creating Our Future, Maureen speaks with Greg Moran and Terri Bettinger on the topic of aspirations over the courses of their leadership careers. Aspiration has the power to expand our limits and potential by motivating us to test our capabilities and competencies further and in new ways. 

It has a completely different effect on us than its evil twin – desperation. Not that aspiration is inherently good or desperation is inherently bad, but when people believe, the paths they follow look very different than when they do not. The conversation will touch on the following among many others topics:

The power of aspiration as a means of creating opportunity where it is desired.

Aspiration is necessary filtered through our values and priorities - and that’s okay! How do we remove the limits of aspiration when they have been indoctrinated into leaders for reasons that have nothing to do with their potential?

Greg Moran is a C-level digital, strategy and change leadership executive with extensive global operations experience. He led corporate strategy for Ford and designed the plan that Alan Mullaly used to turn around the company. Greg held C-level IT positions in app dev, infrastructure and core banking applications at Ford, Nationwide Insurance and Bank One/JPMC, respectively. He began his career in consulting with Arthur Andersen Accenture, working across industries with 100 companies over the course of a decade. He is passionate about leadership and culture and teaches part time on the topic at Ohio University.


Terri Bettinger is a passionate and principle-driven leader who thrives on challenge. Strengths include effectively creating and leading high performing teams, consistently achieving business driven success through collaboration, and continuously advancing innovation and adaptation. Terri has been a CIO and senior technology leader in large publicly traded banks and also a government organization. She currently serves on several boards, one being a for-profit financial institution. Terri is currently the Deputy Director and Chief Information Officer for the Ohio Department on Aging.