The Benefits Of Silence

Nov 28, 2017
Originally published on November 27, 2017 3:04 pm

In this high-volume world, do we need more stillness in our lives?  We’ll tag along with Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge’s quest to find silence in the middle of New York City all the way to Antarctica.

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Erling Kagge, explorer, lawyer, art collector and author of “Silence, In The Age Of Noise.”

From Tom’s Reading List:

Erling Kagge walked alone to the South Pole and learned something about silence along the way. Fifty days. Eight hundred miles. And not a lot of noise. The rest of our lives these days, says the Norwegian explorer, is starved for silence. Not just a break from the literal pings and dings of our digital life and the roar of traffic and screens, but an actual silence within. A stillness where we know ourselves and weigh what matters. This hour, On Point: Erling Kagge on silence in the age of noise. —Tom Ashbrook

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