Bill Stripping Public Health Powers Heads To Veto

Nov 19, 2020

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine promises to veto SB311.
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he will veto a bill restricting his authority to shut down businesses in a future health order.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports. 

The bill strips the governor’s authority to shut down businesses in health orders like the one DeWine did earlier this year. Republicans overwhelmingly voted for this bill, but DeWine is promising a veto. 

“This bill would make Ohio slow to respond to a crisis. It would take tools away from this governor or future governors It would put the lives of Ohioans in jeopardy. This bill is a disaster.” 
DeWine vetoed another bill earlier this year that limited his power, and that of the state health director. But DeWine may not have the last word if lawmakers in both chambers can muster the 2/3 votes to override his veto.