Bill Would Raise Medicaid Work Requirements' Age Limits

Feb 28, 2019

Ohio is among 15 states asking the federal government for permission to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. 

Ohio's request would cover people up to age 50, but a state senator has proposed a bill that would go further. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Republican Senator Matt Huffman’s bill would require 20 hours of work per week for Medicaid recipients between 18 and 65, except for the disabled and caregivers and those in rehab, college or job training. Huffman told a Senate committee that hundreds of thousands of Medicaid recipients aren’t working or looking for jobs, and he’s heard that able-bodied people have quit jobs they got just for the health insurance.

“There is a real disincentive for people to work. The government is in effect competing with employers for these workers by providing these benefits.”


Former Governor John Kasich expanded Medicaid. His administration’s stats show most in Medicaid expansion are working or exempt, and that enforcing work requirements could cost millions.