Borges Maintains Innocence Following Arrest In Nuclear Plant Law Bribery Scandal

Nov 17, 2020

Matt Borges
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Former Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges is making public comments for the first time since his arrest in the bribery scandal linked to the state's nuclear power plant bailout law. 

Borges says he wants to reiterate his innocence. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports. 

Matt Borges was a lobbyist for FirstEnergy when federal prosecutors allege he bribed someone for inside information on a campaign to repeal the nuclear power plant bailout law, HB6 - a charge he's plead "not guilty" to. 

Now in further comments, Borges says in a statement: "I never broke the law, didn’t conspire with anyone to break the law, never had intent to break any laws, and wasn’t aware of any illegal activity." 


Attorneys for Borges filed a motion in a separate civil case brought by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who says a bribe was recorded by the FBI. 


Borges says "no such thing exists."