Brown boasts of Ohio's improved economy at convention

Sep 5, 2012

Republicans have been very effective in tying the slow economy to president Obama.  But in Ohio the recovery is more noticeable than in most states.  At the Democratic National Convention, U.S. Senator Sherrod brown is trying to spread that message.  for Ohio Public Radio, WKSU's Mark Urycki reports from Charlotte.

Like most Democrats here, Sherrod Brown is keen to remind people that the Great Recession began under the Bush Administration. He told Ohio delegates that in George Bush's last month in office the U.S. lost 800 thousand jobs. By 2010, Ohio's jobless rate was 10 ½ percent.

Brown:Today, the unemployment rate in Ohio is under 7 and a half percent. That's because of the auto rescue, it's because of the stimulus, because of the recovery act, because we enforce trade laws. We know that in Youngstown Ohio, there's a new steel plant. Unbelievably so, a new steel plant in Youngstown Ohio because we enforce trade laws and because of the recovery act.

Republicans have argued that President Obama has not done enough to bring the economy back. The comeback of the auto industry is one thing Democrats can link to his policies. Brown points to the Ohio workers building the Chevy Cruze and Jeep Liberty. And you might say he wears that argument on his sleeve...

Brown: One more thing: These shoes I wear, made in America. This watch I wear, made by union workers in Connecticut, and the suit I have on, made by union workers, Cleveland, Ohio.

Those kinds of arguments also serve Democrats well when they claim Mitt Romney bought companies that out-sourced jobs. Last week, Republicans repeatedly acknowledged at their convention that President Obama inherited a bad economy, but argued his policies made things worse.