CCS Approves Selling Five School Buildings

Jan 8, 2020

Beck Elementary School in Schmacher Place
Credit Columbus Landmarks

The Columbus Board of Education swore in new members and elected a new president and vice president Tuesday night.

The board also voted to sell off several shuttered schools. Alison Holm has more.  

The board voted unanimously to sell off five school buildings Tuesday, including several in rapidly developing inner city neighborhoods.


Beck Elementary in Schmacher Place near German Village closed in 2017, after housing the Gifted Academy for two years. One of the oldest buildings in the district, it has been appraised at $1.67 million. The 136-year old building made the Columbus Landmarks list of “most endangered buildings” for the last two years.


Clearbrook Middle School and Douglas Alternative Elementary in Old Towne East, were last appraised at $1.05 million and $1.55 million. The former Starling Middle School in Franklinton had been appraised $1.23 million. All three closed in 2013, and Clearbrook was cleared for sale at that time. The fifth school approved last night for sale, Stockbridge Elementary on the South Side, closed in 2006.


By state law, the buildings must be offered to charter schools at the appraised value before it could be made available to developers or non-educational groups. District spokesperson Scott Wortman says all five buildings will be reappraised before sale.


Before the regular meeting began, newly elected board members Carole Beckerle and Tina Pierce were sworn in. And the board unanimously elected Jennifer Adair and Ramona Reyes to serve as president and vice president. Adair won her first election in November, having been appointed. Reyes is in the middle of her third term on the board.