Children's Hospitals In Dayton And Columbus Align Again

Jan 15, 2019

The Columbus and Dayton children’s hospitals are continuing their long-standing partnership. 

Mike Foley reports on the latest collaboration.

Dayton Children's Hospital and Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus have announced a cancer, blood disorder and bone marrow transplant collaborative. Hospital officials say it will enhance services, create more research opportunities for both institutions and allow more patients from the Dayton region to remain closer to home during treatment. Training and best practices shared by experts in Columbus will allow Dayton Children's to offer autologous bone marrow transplants for the first time. The procedure includes harvesting a child's stem cells from bone marrow before chemotherapy. The harvested stem cells are returned to the child after treatment to help the body build normal blood cells. This latest initiative evolved from the Ohio Pediatric Care Alliance. Formed in October 2013, it formalized the long-standing partnership between the Dayton and Columbus children’s hospitals, allowing them to share resources, avoid duplication and better utilize limited pediatric specialists. Other initiatives currently operating under this framework include a joint outpatient specialty care center and a pediatric practice in Springfield.