Cincinnati Truck Maker May Buy Closed GM Lordstown Plant

May 8, 2019

Cincinnati-based Workhorse Group

Plans are in the works to sell the closed General Motors plant in Lordstown to a company that intends to build electric trucks there.

That could be good news for a community that lost more than 1700 jobs when the plant closed earlier this year. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Governor Mike DeWine says he spoke with GM’s Mary Barra who confirmed the plant will be sold to Workhorse, a Cincinnati company. She said the sale will pave the way for hundreds of jobs. DeWine says the auto workers’ union will have to approve the deal.


“I’m just by nature a cautious person and until I know all of the facts, it sounds like good news.”   


DeWine says If Workhorse succeeds in landing a contract to sell trucks to the U.S. Postal Service, there could eventually be as many as 3000 jobs at that Lordstown plant. Barra also told DeWine GM plants to invest in three of its Ohio plants – Moraine, Parma and Toledo. And she says that could create about 450 jobs.