Columbus Council Approves Settlement In Fatal Crash, Raises License Fees For Some Vehicles

Nov 6, 2018


Columbus City Council last night approved a 410 thousand dollar settlement of a wrongful-death lawsuit with the family of a woman killed in a crash with a municipal fire truck in 2013 . 

Elvyra Glenn was killed after a crash with the fire truck at Brice and Refugee Roads. Josh Cox with the city attorney's office says the Franklin County Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that Columbus had immunity, but it did not fully extend to firefighter Paul Sheridan, who was driving the truck.

Sheridan swore in an affidavit he activated an electronic siren but not a mechanical siren. The settlement amount was reached through mediation. Council also approved legislation increasing vehicle license fees for Columbus residents who live in Delaware County from 15 to 20 dollars. Council member Emmanuel Remy sponsored the measure.

The change will affect 36 hundred vehicles.